Production Team

James Chankin, Executive Producer

    • Winner of “Faith and Freedom” Award” -Academy Award for faith base Market • 20 years of industry experience bestessays • Producer, Co-producer, Executive Producer and/or Director of over 45 programs • Principal with Coming Home Productions, Chankin Entertainment, Vision Scape Studios, Averitas Entertainment, and STS Media • Owner of home video/DVD distribution companies (Averitas Ent. & STS Media - licensed, produced and distributed over 35 titles) • Developed, designed, directed, and produced over 25 national commercials • Produced and directed four documentaries • Executive Producer and Producer of live concerts for home video/DVD and television • Worldwide production experience: USA (including Alaska), Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, England, Belgium, Thailand • Full working knowledge of film industry unions • Created television series for Discovery, A&E, MTV and Gospel Music Channel • Personal relationships with distributors and tv networks • Raised over 10 million dollars for production and marketing expenses Credits Include But Not Limited To: Christmas With A Capital C, Jerusalem Countdown, The Mark, The Mark 2: Redemption, Escape, Mickey Matson, EMNEM AKA,, The Ascent, Secret At Arrow Lake, Straight Out of Puerto Rico- Reggaton’s Rough Road To Glory, The Making Of Christmas - With Robin Gibb & Bee Gees

Tag Mendillo, Writer- Producer

    Over 25 plus years of Entertainment Production experience Producer and/or Writer of over 35 Projects Executive with Forms Productions, Norsman Productions,m Inc. & Tracy Locke Conceptually created advertising campaigns Assisted with Strategic Alliances Executive In Charge of Production of over 12 million dollars which resulted in $25 million in revenue Negotiated with Unions Nationwide Credited Feature Film and Television Series Writer Personal relationships with Talent Agents and TV Networks Producing Credits Cowboy Drifter, The Dog Lover, The Shrink Is In, Kissing A Fool, Diner and a Movie, The Man Made Movie Writing Credits Hammer Down, Hole Shot, Dragon Fire (Rewrite), The Last Apostle, The End of the Road, The Nest, Money Plane, The Last Resort The Young Guy, Poltergeist, Youth Crimes Unit, Barretta (USA Pilot), House Arrest (Pilot)

Orlando Lopez, Producer-DP-Editor

    Over 12 years of experience in broadcast television and film production, acting as producer, director, lighting director and editor. Has produced live television shows, sporting events, commercials and documentary's for non-profits and Business. Clients include ESPN-Dell -Ebay-Timewarner-KLRU-City of Austin-SXSW. Owner of Infynit Media located in Austin, TX.