The Existence Outline

The Existence The Bible

The origins, the survival and the fortitude of the best-selling book in all the world: "The Bible".

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Why would anyone die for a book? How could a book stay true to the original writing for centuries? Why do people believe in what is written on the pages this book which has been passed down from generation to generation? How was it able to survive through thousands of years of human existence? Through the most horrific seasons on earth, why wasn’t it annihilated or simply forgotten? And perhaps the most compelling question of all: What was it in man that kept this book alive?".

To truly find the answers to these questions, we will need to understand how we are able to hold this book in our hands today.

This documentary is not a story from the Bible, but the story of the Bible. The story line is driven by stunning manuscripts of the Bible—rare artifacts and physical evidence that illuminate a gripping narrative of passion, precision and preservation. In three parts, it documents 1) the Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, 2) the completion of the book in the “new” testament, and 3) its explosive distribution in recent centuries. It chronicles the incredible, factual stories of the people and artifacts that sustained the Bible’s existence. It unravels a twisted history full of tears, sweat and blood.

As with any story we plan to start from the beginning. The earliest manuscripts from the most recent discoveries will begin a journey that weaves through time until the modern day, giving a complete history of the Bible “from inspiration to iPhone”. Along the way, the documentary traces the gut wrenching accounts of those who sacrificed their lives for what they believed the writing represented: the breathing neuma, the very words of God. And in the process, we explore the world to capture “the history of the book that changed history”.

• Each segment travels to actual, exotic locations (Imagine hidden caves in middle-eastern deserts, musty chambers beneath European universities, forgotten rooms in Egyptian synagogues…).
• Leading experts will tell the dramatic accounts of those who attacked this book, suppressed it, burned it and banned it (Think beheadings, burnings and concentration camps…).
• Stunning artifacts help tell the story (Envision scrolls written on animal skins 100 feet long, tiny fragments of writing on compressed reed paper, invisible writing hidden under the visual text of an ancient book, the oldest fragment being scientifically extracted from ancient Egyptian mummy masks- for real!)

This is the never-before told story of “The Existence” of the best-selling, most translated, highly read document in human history. With five billion copies in print in 1,600 languages, no other document comes even remotely close to its impact. Equally important, this is the story of “The Existence” of humanity, and our relationship with the Bible through the ages: Those who hated it, and those who lived—and often sacrificed— their lives for its preservation. Now, for the first time, the gripping history of “The Book of Books” will finally be told in a single, compelling, dramatic, cohesive narrative.

Yes, almost everyone knows the basic history in the Bible. Almost no one knows bestessayes the incredible history of the Bible… until now.

“The Existence” is the definitive, never-before-told history of the most important book in all of history. Period.